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Author Rules & Guidelines

Authors who wish to use Booksprout to obtain reviews on their books should adhere to the following rules & guidelines. We may take action against any account found to be in violation of these rules.

Supply the full story, not a teaser

Reviewers need the full story in order to write a proper review. Supplying a teaser or preview is not allowed.

Attempting to manipulate reviews is strictly prohibited

Under no circumstances should you ask a reviewer to change their review just because you don't agree with it. They are entitled to their own opinion and Booksprout is all about honest reviews.

If you believe that their review is unjust, we provide a feature to block a reviewer from obtaining future copies.

If you believe that their review is against our reviewer rules, then please contact our support team.

No harvesting emails 

When a reviewer downloads your ARC, their email address is exposed to you only for use in your own records should you wish to cross reference with your own ARC team. They did not agree to signup to your newsletter or receive any other correspondence from you. Please respect that.

No threats

If you're found to be threatening reviewers for any reason, your account will be removed immediately.

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  1. Chris Leippi

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    Very simple and straightforward rules to follow.


    Everything danika said.
    I'm not so bothered by a person cheating the system for a free read, but I don't know who's doing it for that purpose vs being a pirate.  I actually HAD someone pirate my book a couple months ago (not from here) and am understandably worried it could happen again.  I don't want to report a free loader as a pirate, so... what to do?


    Quick Questions: 

    1. I understand I cannot email ARC readers directly, but is there a way to encourage non-reviewers to complete the process after BookSprout has sent the final reminder? 

    2. Is it standard or best practice for an author to block an ARC reader who does not leave a review? Or is it standard/best practice to overlook it?

    3. Is there a typical response rate for downloads to reviews? For instance, 50% of people who take an ARC will provide a review.