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FAQ: Loading Books On Your Kindle

Once you requested a book to be sent to your Kindle, Amazon will send an email with the book's file to your device. This allows you to find the book and immediately begin reading. However, sometimes this process doesn't work as planned and you will need to load the book directly onto your Kindle. 

(HINT: Make sure you've added to your approved senders list, and have verified your device's Kindle email, which ends with to BookSprout.

How do you manually load a book onto your Kindle?

We recommend that you manually load books onto your Kindle using a laptop or desktop and a web browser.

1. In BookSprout instead of clicking Send to Kindle, choose instead either the Direct Download option or Send via Email.

2. Whether you directly download the book or save the file from your email, you may be presented with a box such as the one below. Choose Save. The file will save in the location set by your browser, often a "downloads" folder. (HINT: In Firefox, look for the blue arrow in the upper right-hand corner. Click this and it will allow you to see where your file is saved. In Chrome, look for the message in the bottom left-hand corner indicating the file has been saved.)

3. Go to the location where you saved the file. Usually you can choose "open file location" after the file has been downloaded. On a windows pc, right-click and choose Copy. Then, with your Kindle connected via a USB cord to your computer, browse to your Kindle. (It may be named "Fire" or whatever type of Kindle it is.) Go to the Books folder. You can see it highlighted in the image below.

Notice that the Books folder is actually Fire > Internal Storage > Books in this example.

Right-click and choose Paste. This will put the book into your Kindle.

4. On your Kindle go to the Docs and you will see the book there.

Need more information:

Try this help document from Amazon.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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    Too goofy. Can't download to Kindle, can't download to my PC. Found the app, it only allows me to download to my iPad. Don't want it on my iPad, want it on my PC. Screen on iPad is too small.  I understand many people are having difficulties with this. Tip: Find one what that works, not three ways that don't work.


    Does not work days cover by DRM